Exhibition 22

Bideotikan is on the streets again. This fall, video art and cryptoart will inspire us again from different screens of our city by artists from around the world, who give us new views and angles about the world around us.

This time our open cryptoart exhibition will present curated content with works by 30 creators around 3 themes ( PARTICLES – CITY LANDSCAPES – RESONANCES ) throughout the months of September, October and November.




Particles are constantly moving randomly. They transform, expand beyond their limits. Don’t be in a hurry. Stop for a moment. Listen. Observe. (outward/inward). Minutiae, strands, cells, strings. Particles in collision, in a body-to-body dance. Pixels that combine and form infinite models.

In September. With artists such as Yuma Yanagisawa, Paola G. Olea, Reinfected.Me, Jason Ting, Dimitri Thouzery y Alex Maltsev. 

Slow down. Get inspired.


City Landscapes

Blindly. Without looking up. We move through our surroundings, but we don’t see it. We do not 

hear it. We slip through a tunnel, in the dark. We unroll it, (scroll-like-scroll) Bilbao as it draws around us, a vibrant mosaic of light and water. It reverberates with a unique music. It is a landscape charged with emotion, sound, past, future. It is present: it envelops us, it breathes us, it accompanies us while we dream (it dreams us).

In October. With Anthony Samaniego, Balkan Karisman, Clement Morin, Rune Brink, TONQ y Zigor Samaniego.

Wake up. Reapropriate yourself from your environment.



Everything was going so fast that it seemed like it had stopped. But it didn’t. We passed each other on the road. We look at each other and we see each other. We meet again. Undulating pixels begin to chant the same song. We weave the strands of the loom in another direction, and its color changes. It is no longer yours or mine. It begins to belong to all of us. We begin to move in a different way. How does this new song resonate in you?

In November. With Marc Ferrer Vives, Michael Cina, Mikhail Sedov, Thomas Vanz, Ofir K.

We continue. This dance has only just begun.