International Digital Art Festival

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International Digital Art Festival​

From 4th to 24th of November
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#aftermovie 2023

What is Bideotikan?

Recovering the city's screens

In the streets of Bilbao, in its avenues, in its subway tunnels, there are more and more screens. The same happens in many cities. Bideotikan proposes to recover those screens as a space for digital art, transforming Bilbao into an open virtual gallery, where the avant-garde of art is visible to everyone and where an intelligent and playful dialogue is established with citizens, tourists and passers-by through art and suggestive audiovisual projects. With short multimedia clips projected on urban screens, Bideotikan seeks to offer artists from all over the world an alternative space to share their work, outside of the algorithm wars and the limitations of social networks. We want everyone to look up from the mini-screens of their smartphones, to enjoy these works in a larger format and within a shared urban framework.

New media art and digital culture.

From Asociación Develop and Media Attack for the promotion of the Audiovisual Industry, the selection of international digital artists who currently, through complex and powerful video editing tools (After Effects, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc.), explore creative styles that merge the everyday with surrealistic narrative forms. Each of these clips becomes a collage in which the ordinary becomes extraordinary and reality is elegantly twisted to open the doors of imagination.


· If you are an artist and want to exhibit your work.
· If you have a screen and would like to lend it for the exhibition.

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