International Digital Art Festival

Anthony Samaniego

Anthony Samaniego is an American visual artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Anthony’s path in life dramatically changed due to an accident, which required him to relearn how to walk. During his convalescence, he became interested in photography and pursued a self-taught regime to enhance his knowledge and understanding of photographic methods and post-production editing. After reaching the acclaim of a professional photographer, Anthony shifted his talents toward 3D art. Anthony’s current work reinterprets real world objects as 3D visualizations and memoirs of the digital space. His work has been exhibited internationally via Bangkok Art Biennale(2022), The Space between Us(Times Square and Samsung Center, New York City, 2022), Neo Shibuya(Tokyo, Japan, 2022), Miami LIGHT exhibition(Miami, 2021), Callo City Arts Festival(Madrid, Spain, 2020). Anthony Samaniego resides and creates in Los Angeles, California.


· If you are an artist and want to exhibit your work.
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