International Digital Art Festival

Bideotikan Ø

The origin

Bideotikan was launched last November 18th as part of the BBDW 21 Design Week program, exhibiting works by different digital artists on multiple screens in the center of Bilbao. It became one of the first cryptoart exhibitions open to the public in Spain.
During that week citizens and visitors could enjoy in this first exhibition a varied cast of creators who explore different techniques and styles of digital artwork, including Javier Arrés, Sofia Crespo, Dirkkoy, Esteban Diacono. Their pieces could be enjoyed on screens located in emblematic places in the center of Bilbao; Azkuna Zentroa, Abando Tourist Office, Sagrado Corazón square or the Dome of the Campos Elíseos theater, reaching more than 200,000 spectators throughout the week.

Works shown


· If you are an artist and want to exhibit your work.
· If you have a screen and would like to lend it for the exhibition.

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