International Digital Art Festival

Ines Alpha

Hailing from Paris, Ines Alpha is an internationally-recognized digital artist who started experimenting with 3D while digging the beauty, fashion, and luxury industries as an art director.

She then started to develop her signature style: 3D makeup.
Using 3D software and augmented reality to combine makeup with tech, Alpha unfolds a forward-thinking approach to create ethereal, futuristic narratives and a new future within the beauty space.

She has collaborated with the creative industry’s biggest names such as Dior, Burberry, or Selfridges and some of the pop scene’s top artists like Charli XCX, BIBI, or Yelle. Her works have been shown in “Aquaria” at the Maat museum in Lisbon, Art Mûr in Montréal, and Coreana Museum in Seoul, and have been featured in media such as VOGUE, i-D, Wired, and Dazed beauty, among many others.


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