International Digital Art Festival


As an architect, speculative artist and computational designer from Austria, Mümün Keser places himself in the bridge between real and virtual and tries to intertwine these two opposing areas. He is known for his interests in data-driven design techniques and experimental spatial investigations.

His most recent work, titled – “contraDictions.”, contains various series of architectural designs that are mainly concerned with bringing media into architectural expression and the search for contradictory processes that lead not only to a design outcome, but also to particular experiences. The relationship between object and subject blends and a direct communication of the two sides is created. In this context he was exploring multidimensional design languages that are emerging through the advent of contemporary design tools and methods.

His main idea of architecture revolves around its role as a representation of space, acting as a link between users and the architect’s visions and imaginations. His most recent works are built around this statement.


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